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2-26-13 - Common Law: Rights

In 2009, the Pesall Law Firm began publication of a series of columns on the subject of constitutional rights.  The columns published so far in this series are listed below.

The Jury Is Still Out:  Serving on a jury is just as important as voting, find out why!  Originally published May, 2012

GPS:  Modern technology and how your government can (and cannot) use it to keep track of you.  Originally published January, 2012.

Call My Lawyer:  A study on why having a lawyer is just as important to the falsely accused as it is for the guilty.  Originally published November, 2011.

Please Be Quiet:  Why the right to remain silent is just as important for the innocent as the guilty.  Originally published in May, 2011

Leave Me Alone:  A short introduction to your right to be left alone, and how to use it reponsibly.  Originally published in December, 2010

Home Rights:  We have the right to be left alone in our homes, but the biggest threat to that right is us.  Published October, 2009

Guns:  Our Right to Bear Arms and Defend our Homes, Families and Property, published June, 2009.

Free Thought:  Our Constitutional Rights to Think, Believe, and Speak as we see fit, published February, 2009.

I Got My Rights:  Constitutional Rights in general, published January, 2009.

Leftovers: This month the Common Law column considers the rules in South Dakota for the disposal of abandoned property.  Originally published on March 19, 2008.

Anatomy of a Checkpoint: The Common Law considers the amazing and intricate world of traffic stops and motorists rights.  Originally published on February 6, 2008.

Who Owns an Idea?: This column considers the state of Copyright law in these United States, and the problems we are starting to see with the rise of the Internet. Originally published on January 5, 2008.

My Fellow South Dakotans: In this month's column, we consider the importance of Statehood, and the seldom observed holiday in its honor, November 2. Originally published on December 5, 2007.

Talking Trash: In this edition of The Common Law, we consider the somewhat unexpected rules regarding privacy in our curbside garbage.  Originally published on August 15, 2007 in the Moody County Enterprise.

Don't Fear the Courthouse: Installment number two of The Common Law addresses the creeping fear of the courthouse that has arisen in our culture.  Originally published on July 4, 2007 with the Moody County Enterprise.

Who are you?: 
 On June 6, 2007, the first installment of the firm column, The Common Law was published in the Moody County Enterprise.  Addressing the federal Real ID Act.